Bankruptcy & Credit Counseling: After You File Your Case

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Once a bankruptcy case has been filed and before a discharge order is issued, a bankruptcy debtor must complete a consumer debt management course, or “providers or personal financial management instructional courses.” Once this U.S. Trustee-approved counseling and education program is completed, similar to the pre-bankruptcy course, debtors will receive an authenticated certificate for filing with the court.

Like pre-bankruptcy credit counseling, these debtor education courses may be taken in person, over the telephone, or online. These classes usually take about two hours to complete and cost between $50 and $100, but the fee may be waived for debtors with qualifying circumstances.

Like the pre-bankruptcy course, the development of a budget by the debtor is a major component. The course also includes instruction regarding the responsible use of credit and money management.

It is important to know that not until this course is taken will the bankruptcy court issue a discharge order on behalf of the debtor. Since this is the ultimate goal of filing bankruptcy, it cannot be understated how important this requirement is to completing the bankruptcy and solving financial difficulties with some degree of finality. This class may be taken immediately after the case is filed so a debtor may complete this requirement well ahead of time.

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