When income and expenses do not add up right, when debts have gone beyond control, the best choice may be to consider bankruptcy.


Uncontrollable Credit Card Debts

The harsh reality is that despite trying to pay credit card or medical bills, sometimes it’s simply not possible to get ahead of debts. Debt consolidation can end up in paying service fees to “debt help” companies with money that one never had. Trying to hold off creditors from sending accounts to collectors, who harass with phone calls and threatening letters and lawsuits can be frustrating and fruitless. It is time to speak with the team at Montefalcon Law to know what your options are.


Underwater Home Mortgage

Following the economic downturn, a lot of homes have fallen underwater, where homeowners owe way more than their value. Some are victims of predatory loan practices that were prevalent in the past. For many who have become “house poor” and unable to make mortgage payments, one option may be to file for bankruptcy.


Consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer Now

Consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney at the Montefalcon Law Offices. There’s no scammers or brokers who style themselves as “paralegals working under an attorney.” Montefalcon Law Offices is not a high-volume bankruptcy mill, taking time to listen to clients and evaluate each situation in order to give the best possible legal solution. Call today and set up an initial consultation.



“I too am happy I was granted a waiver and it makes me feel exceptionally happy. Wow, it’s almost over.  I’m nervous about what to expect next, but not as nervous because I have such a wonderful and competent Attorney.”

“Thank you very much! You have definitely made turning the future around for us for the better possible! I am happy to report that I, and the family, are back in the black and building up our savings again. Our family environment is far more positive and we finally have our lives back. You have played a critical role in helping us provide a better future for our children and for that we are forever grateful! Thank you and we wish you great continued success!”


   “I recently had to file for bankruptcy, which I had been contemplating for more than a year.  Once I decided to find out more information, I was referred to Alberto Montefalcon from a trusted friend.  For something this important, I needed to know that the person I was going to discuss my personal financial situation with was known for their professionalism, trustworthiness, integrity, and overall service.  Upon meeting Alberto, there was something about him that set my anxiety and confidence on what I was looking for in a lawyer at ease. Right off the bat I was impressed on how well he simply listened.  Alberto made sure he heard my situation before coming up with the best options for me.  This was also important, because there isn’t a one size fits all to determining if bankruptcy is right.  Once I decided which route was best for me, and after hearing my options, Alberto handled the entire process flawlessly.  It started with a caring attitude, godly character, and the right amount of communication that made the process easier to get through.  It is said that the best service is often referred, and I trust that anyone who decides to work with Alberto will feel very comfortable, and satisfied with his services, legal knowledge and advice.  Alberto is more than my lawyer in matters pertaining, I consider him a friend now.” – Mark D.