Choosing the right immigration attorney may be the single most important step one takes in achieving U.S. citizenship and realizing their hopes and dreams. Every client’s case, whether the ultimate goal is an application for immigration benefits, permanent residence, citizenship, or asylum has a larger purpose: Improving one’s life; and improving the life of one’s family. An immigration attorney must act as a guide through a process that may unite a family or separate it.


The Montefalcon Law Offices believe client’s deserve an immigration law attorney who provides:

  • Analysis of qualifications for all immigration programs
  • Complete understanding of the immigration system
  • Sufficient guidance through the immigration system, explaining step-by-step, applicable law and procedure
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work efficiently and successfully within the system
  • Ability to work successfully with people in general, but especially those who participate (judges, administrators, etc.) in immigration matters
  • Consideration of all available options related to immigration on a client’s behalf
  • Development of a strategy and plan for the successful achievement of a client’s goals
  • Necessary insight into present events to best control future events; and Flexibility to achieve the desired final result, especially in trying times

Throughout my career, I have specialized in immigration law. Obviously, I cannot guarantee the outcome of a particular case, but through effort, persistence, and resourcefulness, I pledge to each client that I will be a driven, tenacious, and steadfast advocate. I pledge that my staff will provide patience, care, and compassion. I will protect your rights in every immigration circumstance, whether it’s seeking citizenship, a green card or permanent residence for you or a family member, or contesting deportation and removal from the United States.

~ Alberto Montefalcon, Esq.

A knowledgeable immigration attorney may help explore all available options related to changing a client’s immigrant status. More importantly, he or she can identify possible solutions, formulate a plan for achieving the desired result, and lead the way to success.



“I too am happy I was granted a waiver and it makes me feel exceptionally happy. Wow, it’s almost over.  I’m nervous about what to expect next, but not as nervous because I have such a wonderful and competent Attorney.”

“Thank you very much! You have definitely made turning the future around for us for the better possible! I am happy to report that I, and the family, are back in the black and building up our savings again. Our family environment is far more positive and we finally have our lives back. You have played a critical role in helping us provide a better future for our children and for that we are forever grateful! Thank you and we wish you great continued success!”


   “I recently had to file for bankruptcy, which I had been contemplating for more than a year.  Once I decided to find out more information, I was referred to Alberto Montefalcon from a trusted friend.  For something this important, I needed to know that the person I was going to discuss my personal financial situation with was known for their professionalism, trustworthiness, integrity, and overall service.  Upon meeting Alberto, there was something about him that set my anxiety and confidence on what I was looking for in a lawyer at ease. Right off the bat I was impressed on how well he simply listened.  Alberto made sure he heard my situation before coming up with the best options for me.  This was also important, because there isn’t a one size fits all to determining if bankruptcy is right.  Once I decided which route was best for me, and after hearing my options, Alberto handled the entire process flawlessly.  It started with a caring attitude, godly character, and the right amount of communication that made the process easier to get through.  It is said that the best service is often referred, and I trust that anyone who decides to work with Alberto will feel very comfortable, and satisfied with his services, legal knowledge and advice.  Alberto is more than my lawyer in matters pertaining, I consider him a friend now.” – Mark D.