Preparing For Bankruptcy - What NOT To Do Before Filing

Preparing for bankruptcy requires some clear thought and planning. Alberto Montefalcon is here to assist anyone who may need to consider filing a bankruptcy case under Chapter 7 or 13. Please schedule a consultation today at any of our three conveniently located offices. Wise bankruptcy debtors should be careful to refrain from taking certain actions before filing to ensure that they don’t violate federal law.

Prospective bankruptcy filers must be careful of preferences, which is a complicated legal concept. Alberto Montefalcon may help anyone who has any special considerations before filing or who is simply unsure about any course of action that they may take prior to filing a bankruptcy case.

Prospective bankruptcy filers should NOT do any of the following unless a qualified bankruptcy attorney advises otherwise:

  • Do NOT repay family members, business associates, or friends for unsecured loans.
  • Do NOT pay certain unsecured creditors but not others within the ninety-day period prior to filing the bankruptcy case.
  • Do NOT transfer any money, property, any other item of value to remove title (ownership) from your name.


Careful planning is necessary before a bankruptcy case is filed. Considerations must be made of actions taken even a year or more before filing. Alberto Montefalcon has the qualifications to assist individuals to plan for filing bankruptcy.

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