The Benefits Of Bankruptcy

Do you have problems making payments on your debts? Are you typically behind on these payments and rarely current? Is this pattern causing further problems? Is economic hardship diminishing the quality of your life? What are your solutions? Is bankruptcy a viable option?

An experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney may assist anyone in a precarious financial situation. You need someone to provide you with information about your rights, including should you choose to file a bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy offers many benefits despite the fact that many people stigmatize it. Don’t let the stigma of bankruptcy stop you from using it to your advantage!

Bankruptcy STOPS all of the following actions and, perhaps more importantly, allows to debtors to actually rebuild their credit and make a “fresh start.”

  • STOPS Contact with all creditors.
  • STOPS Foreclosure.
  • STOPS Garnishment.
  • STOPS Judgments.
  • STOPS Lawsuits.
  • STOPS Repossession.


Bankruptcy allows Americans to get a fresh start and obtain a new and unblemished financial record. It removes the overwhelming burden of past debt obligations and payments. Bankruptcy actually allows people to rebuild their credit since they have no debt to affect any new debt that they may assume. Creditors often offer new credit right after a bankruptcy is completed.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney like Alberto Montefalcon may protect all consumers by helping them assert the legal rights to which they are entitled. Bankruptcy is a complicated process and requires the assistance of an attorney with the background and experience like Alberto Montefalcon to answer any bankruptcy-related question. Most importantly, Alberto Montefalcon will be there throughout the entire lifespan of a bankruptcy case to provide legal guidance and assistance.

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