Alberto Montefalcon May Help Anyone With Excessive Debt

Do you have problems making bill payments? Are these payments regularly delinquent? Is this monthly routine causing financial hardship and even other non-financial problems? Is this stress negatively affecting quality of life? Is bankruptcy a viable option and solution? Have you considered it? If so, where do you turn?

An experienced bankruptcy attorney like Alberto Montefalcon has the expertise and experience to protect all individual consumers with the assertion of their legal rights related to the filing of a bankruptcy case under chapter 7 or chapter 13. Filing a bankruptcy case and seeing it through to discharge may be complicated and requires the assistance of an attorney with the background of Alberto Montefalcon, who will be present throughout the entire bankruptcy case to provide experienced legal assistance.

In addition to the filing of bankruptcy petition, a debtor is required to file documentation including certain schedules and statements with the United States Bankruptcy Court. These include schedules of assets and liabilities; schedules of current income and expenditures; a schedule of executory contracts and unexpired leases; a statement of financial affairs; and a statement of intention (only in chapter 7 cases).

Alberto Montefalcon has the experience to streamline this somewhat complicated process for bankruptcy debtors, thus reducing a great source of stress. He’ll also be there by your side for your meeting of creditors, which is required in every bankruptcy case.

If you are behind on payments for any overdue debts, bankruptcy may a solution. Alberto Montefalcon has the legal knowledge to assist anyone who must consider filing a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy case. The experienced Sacramento metropolitan area/Northern California attorneys at the Montefalcon Law Offices are here to help you if your financial position necessitates the consideration of a bankruptcy case filing under Chapter 7, 11, or 13. Contact us online or schedule a consultation at any of our three conveniently located offices. Telephone our downtown Sacramento office at (916) 444-0440, our South Sacramento office at (916) 399-9944, or our Concord office at (925) 222-5929.