How Long Does A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Take?

Whether you should file bankruptcy is an important, if not crucial, analysis, Alberto Montefalcon and his experience may be invaluable to anyone who needs to make this determination. An experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney such as Alberto Montefalcon may assist anyone whose financial situation necessitates the filing of a bankruptcy case. Prospective bankruptcy debtors need someone to provide them with information about their rights, including whether to file a bankruptcy case. Today’s blog addresses the amount of time it takes to complete a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case from filing to discharge.

Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases take approximately three to four months. A case commences with the filing of the bankruptcy petition and ends with the entry of the discharge order. Very few bankruptcy cases result in discharge being delayed, but it is possible if a case involves complex issues or creditors file a complaint or other objections to discharge.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case may take longer if the bankruptcy trustee considers it an “asset case” which involves the liquidation or sale of the debtor’s non-exempt real and personal property assets. The time between the filing of the bankruptcy petition and entry of the discharge order may take longer if a creditor or other party of interest files an action allowable by federal bankruptcy law in an adversary proceeding.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney may ensure that all requirements related to the filing of a bankruptcy petition are satisfied so that no objections to discharge are raised by any creditor, the bankruptcy trustee, or any other party.

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