Credit Cards & Bankruptcy

Most Americans have some amount of credit card debt. Some have an easier time of paying it than others. Often, people take on a little more than they can handle and, over time, they accumulate tens of thousands of such debt without having the sufficient means to timely service it each and every month.

Eventually, late charges and excessive interest may substantially increase the principal balance of each card. At some point, creditors will turn over some of this debt to collection agencies and the pressure to pay such debt will increase.

It may be possible to negotiate with these credit card companies and work out a payment schedule to become current or even settle the debt for less than what is owed. A preferable solution may be to consolidate the debt into a loan at a lower interest rate with yet another lender.

At some point, the time may come when this all becomes overwhelming and insurmountable, and bankruptcy may be the most viable solution to solving these problems. An attorney like Alberto Montefalcon experienced in dealing with credit card companies will help any consumer utilize all applicable legal rights, protections, and safeguards.

Bankruptcy permits many individuals with excessive credit card debt to discharge all of it through a Chapter 7 filing, typically without forcing them to liquidate much, if any, of their real and personal property assets. However, if a person has too much nonexempt property or excessive disposable income, they may have to repay some of it through a Chapter 13 reorganization and repayment plan. Whatever the type of bankruptcy filed, a significant portion of credit card debt may be eliminated, and Alberto Montefalcon may provide all necessary assistance in achieving this goal.

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