Just Visiting? About B-2 Visas

Alberto Montefalcon is a knowledgeable immigration attorney who may assist any individual obtain a visitor’s visa to the United States. Depending on the situation, the type of visa will differ. While a B-1 visa is normally used for business purposes, a B-2 is used for personal reasons and purposes such as tourism or medical care. The B-2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa meant for persons entering the U.S. for pleasure or medical treatment. The B-2 visa is commonly referred to as a tourist visa.

In most circumstances, a citizen of a foreign country who wants to enter the U. S. must first obtain a visa. If the visa is for a temporary stay, then a nonimmigrant visa is required. If the visa is for permanent residence, then an immigrant visa is required.

To avoid delays, it is important to obtain the correct visa for the correct set of circumstances. For individuals who wish to enter the United States temporarily, a visitor visa is necessary. If the purposes are related to tourism and for pleasure – simply visiting the United States, for example – the appropriate visa is a B-2.

A B-2 visa is not applicable to many activities and it is certainly wise to consult with an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that you obtain the correct visa for the correct situation. A B-2 visa is not applicable to any of the following activities:

  • permanent residence in the United States;
  • employment;
  • paid performances, or any professional performance before a paying audience;
  • arrival as a crewmember on a ship or aircraft;
  • work as foreign press, radio, film, journalists, and other information media; and
  • study.

Individuals with a B-2 visa may not study or work during their stay in the United States. In some situations, individuals with a tourist visa may participate in courses which are recreational and do not result in earning credits. Typically, such courses should not meet for more than 18 hours a week. An example would be a tourist attending an exercise workshop while visiting solely as a tourist who earns no credits participates only for recreational purposes.

The B-2 visa category does not have a corresponding visa category for dependents, who have to qualify based on their own qualifications for a B visa. You need genuine legal advocacy to protect your rights. Whether you wish to become a United States Citizen, obtain a Green Card or business, student, or special circumstance visa, the Montefalcon Law Office offers professional representation and legal assistance. Contact us online or schedule a consultation at any of our three conveniently located offices. Telephone our downtown Sacramento office at (916) 444-0440, our South Sacramento office at (916) 399-9944, or our Concord office at (925) 222-5929.