How A Bankruptcy Attorney May Be Invaluable

A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney may provide information about your rights as a prospective bankruptcy filer so you may determine whether bankruptcy is the best option available. Then, an experienced bankruptcy attorney like Alberto Montefalcon may file your case and assume the role of primary contact for any creditor communications. Don’t let the stigma of filing bankruptcy stop you from taking advantage of the protections provided by the law. Bankruptcy will help relieve financial hardship so that you may start fresh!

Debt collectors will not stop calling unless you know and assert your legal rights. If you don’t protect yourself, no one else will protect these legal rights. Most debt collectors count on the ignorance of consumers in the awareness of the rights and protections afforded them under federal law.

However, an experienced bankruptcy attorney like Alberto Montefalcon may protect all consumers by helping them assert the legal rights to which they are entitled. Bankruptcy is a complicated process and requires the assistance of an attorney with the background and experience like Alberto Montefalcon to answer any bankruptcy-related question. Most importantly, Alberto Montefalcon will be there throughout the entire lifespan of a bankruptcy case to provide legal guidance and assistance.

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