What If My Debt Is Primarily Business Debt?

An experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney such as Alberto Montefalcon may assist anyone whose financial situation necessitates the filing of a bankruptcy case. Prospective bankruptcy debtors need someone to provide them with information about their rights, including whether to file a bankruptcy case.

Individuals who operate their own businesses as sole proprietors must file individual bankruptcy cases and may not file a case in the name of the business. Also, of significance is the fact that a debtor is not required to complete the means test if over 50% of his or her debt is business debt rather than consumer debt.

The “means test” determines if a debtor has sufficient income to repay a certain threshold amount of debt to creditors. If a debtor’s income as established by the means test is above the threshold amount of median income for the size of the debtor’s household in California, a debtor must further calculate his or her income to determine if a chapter 13 bankruptcy case, which requires a plan of repayment, must be filed instead of a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, which does not.

Thus, chapter 7 debtors with primarily business debts (over 50%) are at an advantage because they are eligible to a chapter 7 bankruptcy case without having to undergo the complicated means test. The Bankruptcy Code defines a “consumer debt” as that “incurred by an individual primarily for a personal, family, or household purpose.”

It is very important for business owners to note that debts used for a business, such as consumer credit cards and home equity lines of credit, may qualify as non-consumer debt based on the credit’s sole purpose to support and finance the business. Alberto Montefalcon may provide invaluable assistance in making this analysis on behalf of business owners.

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