Bankruptcy And Alberto Montefalcon May Help Solve Your Financial Problems

Alberto Montefalcon and the Montefalcon Law Offices serve all residents of the Sacramento area. We proudly serve individuals who need to file bankruptcy to solve their financial problems. Whether married or single, if you need to solve your problems related to financial difficulties, we may help. Please call our office today.

Consumers should never allow the stigma of bankruptcy to prevent them from taking complete advantage of the benefits of bankruptcy provided by federal law. Many are exposed to only the false conceptions of bankruptcy. In contrast, bankruptcy will help relieve anyone’s financial hardship, as well as gain a fresh start.

Bankruptcy stops lawsuits, garnishment, repossession, foreclosure. Bankruptcy stops all creditor contact. Bankruptcy actually helps rebuild credit. The Montefalcon Law Offices are experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who may help any resident of Sacramento and its surrounding areas utilize the benefits of a bankruptcy case filing.

U.S. bankruptcy law allows Americans to use bankruptcy to obtain a fresh start. A clean financial slate and the absence of overwhelming debt gives any bankruptcy debtor a chance to start over without the obstacles of overwhelming debt. Almost anyone may obtain a discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case that allows them to eliminate debt in an orderly process without the need to repay any debt in a monthly plan.

Most bankruptcy debtors may restore credit in two or three years, often receiving offers of new credit immediately after discharge. Obtaining a mortgage loan should take a minimum of three years after completion of the bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy will stop the continuation of bad credit and stop harassment by creditors. It will stop the constant, threatening, and unreasonable behavior of creditors.

Alberto Montefalcon may reduce the stress caused by the difficulties in repaying debts. Contact the experienced Sacramento metropolitan area/Northern California attorneys at the Montefalcon Law Office. Contact us online or schedule a bankruptcy consultation at any of our three conveniently located offices. Telephone our downtown Sacramento office at (916) 444-0440, our South Sacramento office at (916) 399-9944, or our Concord office at (925) 222-5929.